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Happy Birthday To Me

Best Happy Birthday Wishes for Myself:

Happy Birthday To Me
  • My birthday is approaching and I feel great emotion, another year of life is to thank God. I invite you, my friends, to the party that I am preparing, I hope that together we celebrate the new year that God is giving me”.
  • XX years are not fulfilled every day and I have to thank him. A new year will soon begin for me, a new opportunity that I take advantage of to be happy.
  • All I want is for my friends to participate in my celebration and that together we can share this special date that is only repeated once a year.
  • Today I am one year older, but I feel younger than ever and my age is not very important, but the fact that I am alive for another year.
  • I want this anniversary to be even more special and fill me with joy for the 365 new days to come.
  • Tomorrow will be a very special day, it is my birthday and I look forward to the visits of all the people I love so much. I miss many of them and it would be wonderful to say hello again.
  • I have a very important announcement to make for all of you, tomorrow is the birth of a very special person… It is my birthday and everyone is invited to celebrate it with me, come and have a lot of fun.
  • My God, thank you for the blessing of having had a year to live and enjoy life, thank you for everything good that made me feel happy and thank you for everything bad because it helped me to be a better person. Tomorrow I want to celebrate my birthday with my friends and family.
  • A day like today, XX years ago, God gave me the gift of life and brought me into this world to be happy. This gave me the good fortune to be born into a loving family and to meet incredible people who are now my friends. I am excited because this coming new year will be much better than the previous one.

Best Happy Birthday Greetings for Myself:

  • Tomorrow there will be a party at my house, it will be my birthday and I want to celebrate it with all my good friends, for all those who have always supported me, tomorrow they cannot lose. I wait for you.
  • Turning years is something that is not lived every day and that is why the celebration will be great, all of you are invited to come, so I hope for you.
  • I want to share with all my friends and family, my birthday. There will be cake, music and we will have a lot of fun, so all the guests come.
  • Every time I reach my age, I feel that I was born again and that God has given me one more opportunity to live in this world with the people who love me so much, thank you for all the blessings received.
  • At this point, no matter how old you are going to be, what really matters is being with the people you love so much and celebrating in a great way on this special date. Enjoy and come celebrate with me that every day I have become wiser.
  • Years go by and they don't do it in vain, much change over time. But what I hope is that every day we can be better and continue to be good friends. Tomorrow will be my birthday and I hope to have your company.
  • There is no more special gift I can receive on my birthday than having the company and appreciation of my friends and family. I count on all of you at my party to celebrate in style.
  • Tomorrow is my birthday and please do not worry about giving me, I do not need a car or a gold watch, I want to have the peace of mind of having a clear conscience and the affection of all the people I love so much.
  • It is my birthday and I am happy to be alive for another year, I know the wonderful things that await me this year that I am about to start.
  • I thank all the people who have made this year a special year and I hope to continue having it in my life for another year.
  • Go collect money because my birthday is coming and I hope to see you at my party with a jacket and tie. It's a joke, I don't want to just give you company, share the cake with you and spend a moment full of joy.
  • In this new year that I turn, I just want to be with the people who are important in my life.
  • Today is my birthday and I look forward to the 24 hours in which I will share with people who appreciate the joy of the gift of life.
  • Today I not only wait for gifts, but I also hope to be close to the people I love and feel that the most important gifts in life are the people who love me and surround me.
  • Every year I look forward to my birthday because I think it is wonderful that God is giving me another year of life.

Best Happy Birthday Prayers for Myself:

  • I will try hard and this new year I will be a better person, I will give reasons to heaven for my birthday to be repeated for many years.
  • Mark another year on the calendar and I raise many prayers to heaven, thanking God for the grace of watching me celebrate a new year.
  • And although I am not a teenager, every year I am grateful to receive and leave my next birthday to the will of God.
  • Congratulations on this new year of life, we hope you have a great time and that this new year that you are going to fulfill is unforgettable.
  • How good it is to have another year of life and to have with me the beings I love the most in this world, which will always be my best gift!
  • Today is not a day, it is my birthday and I will celebrate it in style.
  • Only 20 are met once and I am very happy because I feel that I am in the best stage of my life, closer to my dreams.
  • To forget sadness and worries, this special day is to feel happy and thank God for being able to celebrate another year of life.
  • Wonderful steps of my life have been left behind and I know that the best is coming, today is my birthday and it makes me very happy ”.
  • A candle more cake because a year ago I was born, it is my birthday.
  • If it rains, if it is sunny, or if the sea has risen, I do not care, because my birthday is today and there is only room for fun.
  • Praise years and see that your younger friends look older than you, to celebrate with a smile that today is my birthday.
  • To make a happy birthday I just need you, don't make excuses and come and celebrate by my side that we are going to have a lot of fun.
  • Spending this day with my loved ones and setting new goals is what I like most about this special date, I am on the anniversary.
  • The countdown is over, the day comes when you celebrated the happiness of being born in this beautiful world, it's my birthday.
  • I do not care if I have to work today, this will not erase the happiness that is within me to celebrate another year.
  • The years do not pass in vain, they do not leave teachings and experiences that enrich our existence, to celebrate with everything that today is my birthday.
  • Every day is a constant struggle to reach my goals, but today I take a short break to celebrate my birthday with the people who make me happy.
  • I thank each of you for the emotional greetings you have given me. It is good to know how much you love me, remember that in me you will always find someone to trust. I love you
  • I had no idea that there were so many people who cared so much about my well-being. It was nice to read each of your greetings, that's why I thank you for all the love you showed me with your words, God bless each of your steps.