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Happy Belated Birthday Messages

Best Happy birthday Belated Messages:

Happy Belated Birthday Messages
  • You know I have a habit of being late for the biggest and most beautiful events, and your birthday was no less. But you must bear in mind that I love you and from here I send you my best wishes a little further back. May this new year be the best in your life!
  • Although a little late, on this day I want to send you my best wishes, I want you to keep in mind that I love you, and that in this new year I wish you all the best that can happen to the best person in the world, because they deserve it. May this happiness be with you at all times!
  • I'm sorry for the delay, I couldn't find the words to express my love and affection.
  • My blessings to the best friend in the world, thank you for being present at all times. Despite the delay, I want you to know that you are always there.
  • Congratulations! Better late than never, right? Excuse me, how can you forget your birthday? I do not forget my hand on the table because it is attached to my wrist. I must be the most distracted person in the world, but there is no valid excuse to forget that date.
  • My friend, I wish you a happy birthday. I want you to know that it is not about next year, but about the number of adventures you have left to live, that you are loved.
  • Among so many problems that I forgot about such an important day, I want you to take into account that I love you and I wish you the best, despite the delay, I hope that on your day you have a great time. Happy late birthday, but sure!
  • Greetings friend, I hope you can apologize since you know that I have had many problems that completely neglect your birthday, I just hope you had a great time with your loved ones and much happiness.
  • Despite the delay, it will be no different than wishing blessings on the most sincere, humble, and beautiful people I have ever met. I hope that in this new year you join your life, that you are the happiest person in the world and that every day of your life you wake up thinking that it is a new adventure.
  • Obviously I have forgotten a very important day, and I still do not know what to do for that moment again and I apologize. I am a terrible person and you know how my memory is, I always forget everything! You are a wonderful person who does not deserve that I have forgotten your special day and that is why I write this message, so you know how much I appreciate you and even if you have forgotten you want to celebrate this new year of life. I wish that your life is full of beautiful moments, love and much health. Happy Birthday!
  • You deserve more than anyone else can give you, you deserve the world, but what better gift than having the joy of continuing to celebrate years.

Best Happy Birthday Sorry Messages:

  • date, I want to wish you luck.
  • What a beautiful day like your birthday. It was the day that such an important person was born, my most sincere apologies for not having accompanied you that day, with nothing more to say, I hope you have a good time.
  • I want to send you my greatest wish, which is health, prosperity and a lot of love, so that you remember that I do not forget you.
  • They say that it is never too late to congratulate someone, so I want to send you a big greeting, I wish you many blessings and happiness in this new year.
  • Although it is a little late, I send you a big hug, that all your goals are fulfilled so that you can continue dreaming big, that God will fill you with blessings and many more years to continue passing by your side.
  • You know that I am very forgotten, but here I am another year. It is my greeting that you have never lost, I love you very much.
  • You know very well that I am not a typical person like all your friends, who certainly congratulated you on time, because I do it a few days later today.

Best Happy Birthday Delayed Greetings:

  • My biggest apology for forgetting this important date, but as everyone says, better late than never. Happy it is late!
  • I wish you much health, love and joy, although today was so punctual that I remembered that I had forgotten a very important day.
  • Greetings late? I think yesterday all the social networks were broken, I congratulated you, if they did not reach you, it is not my fault. Hehehehe Your most forgotten friend sends you his best wishes and congratulations on this new stage!
  • I'm one of those people who don't like to be typical, I'm sure you received birthday messages on your birthday, but I wanted to go further and do it today. Do you see? I am different from all your friends, or if not, at least I hope that is the perfect excuse. My sincerest congratulations!
  • Today, the most impersonal person in the world wants you to know that he owes you a gift, a kiss, a hug and a congratulation on your birthday. That person is me and I am looking forward to being with you to do all of this.
  • Because I forgot that your birthday does not mean or mean that I love you less than anyone, you can believe that I love you much more than you think. I wish you a happy and prosperous year, may God bless you!
  • I am not perfect as you know, but quite the opposite, and I did not have much success in not congratulating you on your day, I sincerely forgot. I will be there next year to congratulate you twice, but always on the day of your birthday. I hope this new year becomes the best in your life!
  • Surely I am not among all the birthday messages and greetings you have received, the only one that has been the other way around. I hope you forgive me and have a good day, I promise I will not do this again.
  • You are a very important person. You know me a lot and you know perfectly well that I often forget important events. I want you to know that even though I forget your birthday, you are still a very important person to me, and with that beautiful phrase, I wish you a happy birthday.
  • There is the only room in my head to think about your beautiful beauty, so I apologize for forgetting this important date.
  • I don't know how I could forget such an important day for you, but it is never too late to say that you will fulfill them very happily.
  • I missed your day, but today and you are always present in my thoughts, that's why I ask God to always bless you and give you many years to celebrate.
  • Sorry, I didn't send you a birthday greeting, but don't think I forgot about you. Happy birthday later, but I'm sure he's a friend of mine. Congratulations to the most valuable and important person I have, my love for you is immense, although later I congratulated you.

Best Happy Birthday Late Wishes:

  • Seeing your photos, I was ecstatic, that's why I forgot a day as important as your birthday, but better late than never. Be very happy!
  • Although it is late, it is never too much to give some beautiful birthday phrases, and you, a sincere, humble, beautiful and kind person, I want to congratulate you on that long-awaited beautiful day and wish you the joy of each new day of your life. I wish you are happy today and always!
  • My best wishes for late birthdays, but with the greatest wish, the desire to share with you another new year at your side, in which you will be happier than ever. I hope to be by your side and make you happy for many more years, and give you all my love!
  • Late, but successfully, or I hope, I send you my congratulations until late for your birthday, I wish you the best for this new year in which you are getting older, in which all your loved ones are a little happier. Thank you for existing and for making the world happier!
  • Of course you had a great day, I'm sure you reminded me, and I hope it wasn't a problem for you to have a very happy day. Sorry, I can't send you my wishes on your birthday, a thousand apologies for that. I wish you could enjoy the best year you have ever lived.
  • I could be 24 hours a day apologizing for writing my latest messages and still feel the need to apologize again. I hope you had a good day, I love you so much!
  • Even if it is a little late, I send you my happy birthday, my wish to always be by your side, my wish that all your wishes will be fulfilled this year, and also my wishes because you can achieve all your goals. Many, many congratulations on continuing to grow and be a better person!
  • Sometimes we are so focused on something that the days go by and we don't even realize it, that's how I saw the calendar and discovered that yesterday was your birthday and I forgot! I really regret it!
  • I do not want you to think that I do not appreciate you and that you are not important in my life because you know that it is not like that. You are one of the best people I know and appreciate your friendship. I hope you have had a great day in the company of all those who love you, and I hope that you are in good health so that you can fulfill all that you propose. I promise not to forget your next birthday, I have already marked it on the calendar, calendar, and mobile! Congratulations and I hope there is much more!
  • Honey, how terrible that the days passed so quickly, that I forgot a day as important as your birthday! I want you to know that despite that, every day you are present in my heart and in my thoughts. I wait for you at home so that we can celebrate a year and two more days of life together.